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TRUSS Professional Miracle Mask 180g

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This is a mask suitable for dry or dehydrated hair that seeks to regain smoothness and shine.

Its use increases the elasticity and resistance of the hair. In addition, it provides shine and smoothness, which results in reduced frizz.

* Color Protection and Anti-aging action ..

What does your hair get?

  • Protects color. 
  • Reduces frizz.
  • Smoothness and shine.
  • Hydration.
  • More resistance to breaking.
  • Nutrition.

How to Use Miracle Mask 180g ?

Apply after shampoo, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with water.


<br>• Glow System: intelligent technological asset that provides gloss gloss, nourishes and protects color 
<br>• Bio affinity Complex: it has constitutive bio affinity with the threads, reinforcing its internal structure. Provides phyto-nutrient elements for repairing the damaged cuticle, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggressions (UV rays, wind, excessive use of the dryer and straightener).
• Nano Repair: microparticles that deposit uniformly on the hair strand, with a high content of (positive) amine charges, form a protective film, promoting frizz reduction, color protection, internal shine, silky touch and intense conditioning.
• Keratin: protein quickly absorbed by the threads, increasing its resistance and providing body to the hair. Composed of 20 amino acids.
• Blend of Miracle Oils: recover the damage caused to the wires. Replenishes protein amino acids and lipids, which increase elasticity and resistance. Provides softness, besides reducing frizz.
• Bio-Cysteine: amino acid with a lower molecular structure that easily penetrates the hair fiber, due to the bio-affinity with the strands, provides cuticle repairing action, forming a protective film against external aggressions.
• Sericin: amino acid extracted from silk that promotes nano regeneration in order to rebuild hair that has gone through chemical processes.
• Collagen: protein rich in amino acids with protective and repairing action. Returns elasticity and flexibility to the threads.
• Pro vitamin B5: acts to assist in moisture retention, thickening and strengthening of the threads, prevents the formation of split ends and repairs damage caused by colorings.
• Vitamin E: antioxidant action, combats free radicals and prevents premature aging of the threads (Anti-Aging).
• Vegetable Protein: vegetable proteins that form moisturizing and protective film and improve color stability.
• Bio Lipids: association of lipids and special fractions of vegetable oils enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9 and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, in addition to amino acids.
• Wheat Germ Oil: stimulates and regenerates, as it is rich in Proteins and Amino Acids, Glycids, Lipids, Phospholipids, Vitamins (E and B Complex) and Mineral Salts.
• Cottonseed Oil: It has a natural sun protection factor, provides hydration and lubricity to the wires. Rich in vitamin E, palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.
• Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, recovers damaged hair and dry ends. Reduces volume by nourishing and providing shine. Helps to combat dandruff and scaling of the scalp.
• Sunflower Oil: prevents dryness of the wires and split ends. Moisturizes and provides shine.
• Soy Lecithin: derived from soy, provides emollience to the hair.
• Cereal Butter: Provides softness and hydrates chemically treated hair.

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